Adding a Weight Loss Niche To Your Business Model

By selecting a specific niche, you have the option of marketing to a dynamic group of people with affiliate products and growing your niche within the context of what you sell or buy. The options are endless.

Niche Marketing – 5 Top Niche Development Resources

By Jan Verhoeff

You say you haven’t got a niche, you sell to everyone…. Ummm not possible. The idea that you can sell whatever product to everyone is shallow and ineffective, everyone simply won’t buy the same products.

In almost any field of interest, there’s the general topic and then there’s a narrower field of interest described best with what is commonly known as “long tail keyword phrases” among internet content providers. Once you narrow down your niche with a long tail keyword phrase, you’ve found one means of identifying your specific niche.

1. Identify your top field of interest.

For instance, you’re selling cars. If there’s twenty car dealers in town, then there must be more than one kind of car. But your first field of interest will be “cars.”

2. Identify the kind of field, you’re in.

Name brand? Perhaps you sell cars, and you specialize in Ford cars. Then you’ve got a two word phrase describing what you sell: Ford cars.

3. Identify the specific model type.

Not everyone wants a truck, but you really prefer to sell trucks, and almost everyone who comes to your lot is looking for a Ford Truck. Your specific model type would be Ford Trucks.

4. Determine the size or style you sell.

Four door Ford Trucks with mountain travel capabilities describes a specific type and style. Four by four extended cab, full size trucks is a long tail phrase.

5. Find your buying client and you’ll know the niche you serve.

If you’re selling full size trucks with four wheel drive capabilities and extended cabs, you’re talking about family oriented outdoorsmen who like mountain travel. That would be a specific niche of people. Narrowing this niche to a financial sector would be even easier with finance information.

Developing your niche with this information is one of the easiest methods of identifying a specific targeted niche. When you begin to market to that specific niche, your business will grow simply because people will find what they’re looking for.

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